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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Let’s start off with the negatives:  1) GDP was a bit light compared to expectations, 2) the Fed extended ZIRP to 2014, 3) market volume/liquidity sucks.  We can all pretend that the Fed decision represents an unabashed greenlight to buy risk assets, but the truth is that ZIRP still represents a big unknown that will most likely end in tears…


Why the Yen Is Set to Weaken

by Jack Crooks on January 28, 2012

in Stocks

Jack Crooks
The problems facing Japan have been building up for some time. And I don’t believe the coming negative impact on its currency can be delayed much longer. Earlier this week I gave my World Currency Trader members two powerful reasons why. In today’s column, I’d like to share those with you: Reason #1— Japan just recorded its first current account…