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Sunday, May 13, 2012

JP Morgan (JPM) just gave us the preview of the next financial crisis. A surprise, hidden $2 billion trading loss in esoteric foreign derivatives at on offshore branch by America’s premier bank is exactly what the markets did not want to hear right now. The London whale has beached itself. Although no one has mentioned this, these are exactly the…

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This week is an important one for the market and the overall bull case.  I’ve posted what I feel is a bullish scenario playing out despite the fact that my long-term MAMO indicator officially turned bearish on Friday.  The market feels quite vulnerable to a bear assault but it is still quite normal to make another run at the highs…


By EconMatters
In the 60 years since Chinese Nationalists retreated to Taiwan, the tiny island country has transformed itself quite differently from the mainland China.  Thanks to a series of financial and economic reform by the Nationalist Party (KMT), Taiwan got a head start on economic and democratic development, while Mao’s Cultural Revolution had left the Mainland in an over-a-decade-long developmental