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Posted by EconMatters

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Tech Summit with Donald Trump Is Full of BS (Video)

by EconMatters on December 14, 2016

in Economy, Videos

By EconMatters

These Tech CEO`s creating more jobs means more Foxconn manufacturing jobs to keep those corporate margins, and more H-1B Visas for programmers from low cost countries like India and Pakistan. Everything about this Tech CEO Summit with Trump is Fake as a $4 Bill!

Those of you who think Donald Trump is going to drain the swamp, just look at his daughter outsourcing manufacturing jobs and his Goldman Sachs Cabinet picks. Same old tune, just a different verse. Washington will be business as usual, Corporate Lobbying, Corporate Lobbying, and more Corporate Lobbying screwing consumers and job seekers along the way. Like I always say, when in doubt follow the money trail. It is always about money in the end!

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