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Posted by EconMatters

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Lots of Unintended Consequences Not Being Priced Into Markets (Video)

by EconMatters on December 15, 2016

in Economy, Stocks, Videos

By EconMatters

Watch the VIX as this instrument is being artificially pinned down before options expiration, hint, hint, money is involved as is always the case in markets. Watch for a break above 14 in the VIX, and the S&P 500 breaking below 2240 for your clues to run for the exits perma-bulls.

Everything has a cost associated with it, there is no free ride where you can have both low rates and a high performing economy. And Janet Yellen was telling financial markets this very fact yesterday, but they seem hard of hearing lately, especially anything that gets in the way of their vaunted 4th quarter hit the numbers/Trump Rally Monkey Mode.

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