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Posted by EconMatters

With a team of analysts, we at EconMatters focus on identifying the fundamental theories of cause and effect in the financial markets that matters to your portfolio.

Gotta Love Manipulated Low Volume VIX Pushdown Rallies (Video)

by EconMatters on December 19, 2016

in Economy

By EconMatters

We check out the market action in this low volume morning in financial markets, focusing on the VIX, Volume metrics, and common market moving stocks during these type of trading environments. Should have bought December expiration calls days before the election, biggest trading mistake of the year for me in retrospect. Every year I say I am going to do it, and never do because it seems too edge diluting for me personally. The one year I finally do employ this strategy will probably be the year it doesn`t play out this way, too funny. Gotta love financial markets and trading, what a sport!

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