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Posted by EconMatters

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Run Like Hell from Analyst Upgrades of Stocks Last 2 Weeks of Year (Video)

by EconMatters on December 20, 2016

in Economy, Stocks, Videos

By EconMatters

Always be suspicious of analyst upgrades the last two weeks of the year during an x-mas rally, call bullshit on most of these year end stock manipulation calls. Don`t be a sucker and a bagholder for somebody else`s stupidity! Where were these “analysts” 200 plus percent ago with their buy recommendations and stock upgrades?

The analysts at big banks are scumbags of the highest order, and basically the pimps of the industry. You will catch a lot more than some obscure disease with some of these “dogshit” stocks, you will lose your shirt in some of these momentum hedge fund ramps, and be the sucker they offload these bullshit moves and stocks to, and no amount of penicillin will take the pain away of these stocks losing money in your portfolio year after year.

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