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Posted by EconMatters

With a team of analysts, we at EconMatters focus on identifying the fundamental theories of cause and effect in the financial markets that matters to your portfolio.

EconMatters Viewer Questions 1-1-2017 (Video)

by EconMatters on January 1, 2017

in Economy

By EconMatters

We go over some viewer questions that we received regarding financial markets over the last week in this video. The S&P 500 is the instrument you want to trade versus the Dow instrument, it provides for a balanced view of the financial market universe. Trading the Russell 2000 because you recognize a rotational play within markets is a different story, and in a big Risk-Off selloff the Nasdaq and the small caps will experience greater losses and vice versa in a Risk-On move to the upside, keep that in mind. But if you just have a general view on the markets play the S&P 500, it will spread your risk profile in a more balanced manner. Plus it provides the best liquidity for market participants.

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