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Posted by EconMatters

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Caterpillar is The PosterChild for OverValued Market (Video)

by EconMatters on January 8, 2017

in Economy, Stocks, Videos

By EconMatters

We discuss China`s Credit Bubble, Real Estate Bubble, and Non Performing Loans Bubble in relation to CAT; a stock up $30 on a substantial decline in Earning`s and Revenue Growth. We think ultimately CAT will cut their dividend like a lot of E&Ps will also be forced to come to terms with. Current Institutional owners of this stock should be dumping this over-valued stock, not to mention any Retail Holders, as we think CAT is going to retest the $60 a share level over the next two years. CAT could very easily be a $20 stock in five years as the ZIRP Free Money Party comes to an end, taking stocks with declining revenues where they would otherwise trade without Central Bank excesses.

CAT 1-Year Performance Defies Fundamental Business Realities
Today’s Trading
Previous close
Today’s open
Day’s range
92.41 – 93.60
Average volume (3 months)
Market cap
Dividend yield
Data as of 4:00pm ET, 01/06/2017
Growth & Valuation
Earnings growth (last year)
Earnings growth (this year)
Earnings growth (next 5 years)
Revenue growth (last year)
P/E ratio

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